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If you read the biographies of the Road America management team, one overriding pattern just leaps off the page: Twenty-five years, nineteen years, twelve years, thirty years. One team member started part-time in the Call Center while still in college, another was promoted up from MAPFRE Asistencia, and yet another transferred from one location to another. For many of us, Road America is a lifelong family. That speaks volumes about the work environment the company has created – and equal volumes about the caliber and dedication of the people we have hired over the years.

You are currently exploring career opportunities with us. What can you expect?

Simply put, you can expect an active partner in your ongoing personal and professional growth. You can enhance your career by learning new skills within your role, and you will be exposed to opportunities for advancement and promotion through learning new roles and taking on additional responsibilities.
You will also have many options to join your colleagues in community involvement, from our annual charitable fundraisers to volunteering your precious time to help those in need. We take particular pride in our Clean Air and Recycling campaigns, as well as other environmentally friendly initiatives, and are always open to the support of our employees’ most deeply held causes.

We never forget that each of us, company and individual, has a deep connection and an obligation to the world we live in.

DRIVE ON® Because there's never any time to lose.