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Road America is not your average workplace. First of all, we are deeply rooted in the traditions of our Internationally headquartered parent company, MAPFRE®, which has been recognized as one of the 200 most reputable companies in the world. Our commitment to superior customer service is testament to our multicultural promise, further highlighted by our integration into the cosmopolitan communities in which you’ll find our 24-Hour Response Centers. Diversity in hiring and advancement is not just a slogan for Road America; it’s the only way we know how to do business.

We believe in the fundamental importance of work in each of our lives, but equally we believe in a positive balance between life and the work we do. As a result, we actively encourage and support our employee’s passions and engagements with the communities around us, large and small. In fact, you’ll find this engagement with the community at the core of Road America’s corporate principles, a fundamental commitment to the development of personal, social and economic wellness.

DRIVE ON® Because there's never any time to lose.