Road America’s Digital Dispatch


Dispatch_AnywhereRoad America’s full Digital Dispatch solution interacts with all the major Digital Dispatch providers in the US using a Road America designed Digital Dispatch web service that conforms to the de facto DD XML standard.

Digital Dispatch is an Internet Technology developed in the US specifically for Motor Clubs providing roadside assistance to consumers that is based on a de facto Digital Dispatch XML standard adopted in the early part of the last decade by many of the companies that provide dispatch solutions to towing companies. In the US the major companies in this field are Beacon Software (Tow Magic), Tracker Management Systems, Rangers SST, etc. These companies converged on a digital dispatch standard for Web Service communication that allows Motor Clubs in the US to automate the process of contacting a tow provider company. This is what digital dispatch is all about. It eliminates the human interaction from a call center with the tow service provider, in the provider selection step of providing service to a customer. Digital Dispatch provides a completely automated cloud service to place a request for service with a tow provider, obtain acceptance, and provide all the required information directly to the tow provider dispatch application for the service to be accepted and performed. Road America’s Digital Dispatch streamlines the process with┬ámore accuracy and a shortened dispatch time.

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