Vehicle Services


Road America specializes in providing drivers Peace of Mind.  We offer a full suite of vehicle related services as well as custom options to suit your distinctive needs.

Road America has a selection of standard motor club programs, across service sectors, which have been filed and approved by the regulatory bodies in the 26 states where such filings are required.    These programs can be utilized by our clients for a service offering to their customers without any additional filings or approvals being required.

Basic components of these programs may include “Sign and Drive” roadside assistance, Driver’s Valet service, rental car savings, travel services and savings, and expense reimbursements.  Membership term, coverage levels, and a multitude of customer benefits are customized to fit each client’s specifications.

Programs can be designed for autos, motorcycles, RVs, boat trailers, horse trailers, sport trailers, fleet vehicles, or medium and heavy-duty vehicle coverage.  Road America also offers comprehensive roadside assistance programs for Fleet Service companies.

  • Auto Assist®
  • Auto Assist Plus®
  • Road America Preferred
  • Road America Preferred Plus
  • Cycle Assist®
  • RV Assist® Plus

Details and Pricing

For program and pricing details please contact our Marketing & Sales Department at 305-392-4300.

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