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Meeting, Exceeding, and Anticipating Your Business Needs

Think roadside assistance and other vehicle-related services are strictly for auto manufacturers? Think again. Road America’s services are proven to enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty across a number of sectors.


We find that insurance companies appreciate the established network, coast-to-coast coverage, and detailed performance metrics we provide across our wide range of services. We currently serve:

  • Homeowner’s Insurance Companies.
  • Auto Insurers.
  • Extended Warranty Providers.
  • Secondary Insurers.
  • And more.

By providing miles and miles of support after the vehicle sale, Road America helps your business cultivate stronger, longer-lasting client relationships so that they’re more likely to return to your brand for their future vehicle needs. Our automotive expertise includes both third-party and white-label relationships with:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers.
  • Independent Dealerships.
  • Auto Clearing Houses and Used Vehicle Sales Lots.
  • Branded Auto Repair Retail Facilities.
  • Independently Owned Service Facilities and Garages.
  • Gas Station Membership Clubs.
  • And beyond.

A key component of vehicle ownership is the expectation of value - the idea that the cost will be worth the experience. Road America provides essentials and extras that helps enhance both perceived and actual value for your drivers. Ask us about the many unique ways we can serve your:

  • Bank or financial institution.
  • Private banking or brokerage firm.
  • Credit card company.
  • Credit union.

If your customers or members drive, looking out for their safety and comfort will always be appreciated. Road America is one of the best at implementing and delivering the services that make that possible. Some of the many groups we routinely serve include:

  • Auto Clubs.
  • Discount Clubs and Big-Box Retail Clubs.
  • Retirement and Pension Benefit Programs.
  • Professional Organizations.
  • Union Groups.
  • City and Municipal Organizations.
  • Community Groups.
  • Charitable Organizations.
  • And more.
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