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Road America Hosts Miami

A Special Invitation from Road America

February 6th 2019| Road America participated in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day on Friday, February 2, 2019. Road America hosted this day, and parents in different departments of the company were able to bring their children so they may experience a day in the life of their parents. 

Road America provided a full tour of the Miami facility stopping at each department and giving them an understanding of what goes into rescuing someone from the side of the road. The children gathered in our boardrooms and learned about Roadside 101 and did activities such as “Where is the Customer?” which led the kids to find customers on a map. They became a Quality Assurance analyst and helped grade different calls from our agents who were assisting customers on the side of the road. We also had one of our top Miami provider Alamo Towing stop by our office to do a tow demonstration. The kids got to see exactly what it takes to tow a vehicle. As well as the other possible services a customer may experience on the side of road like jump starts, tire changes, fuel deliveries & lockouts. Alamo Towing explained the importance of safety and performed an actual tow for the children. After the demo the children got to spend time having lunch with their parents. After lunch, the children got a chance to sit with their parents and shadow them on their daily routine in order to see the inner workings of what their parents do each day to make Road America one of the leading roadside providers. 

“My daughter was amused by all of the activities that she experienced here and looks forward to participating in future events.  Your efforts in this activity expressed the company’s commitment of an ongoing culture of work and family enrichment” said Tony Mejia from Provider Network. 

The drive of this event was to provide the children with a firsthand look at a motor club in action and how it positively impacts customers. The Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day was an event that went beyond the average practice of “shadowing” a parent. The primary goal was to expose the children to what their mom’s or dad’s do throughout the average workday, showing them the value of hard work and education.

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