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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that any new relationship comes with questions, and sometimes situations come up that require assistance. As always, Road America is committed to quick answers to what you need. This list of frequently asked questions can get you started quickly, or you may contact us directly at 1-888-293-6672 for additional help.


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The minimum requirements for Road America services are as follows: 

    A. Worker's Compensation and Occupational/LFHQVH Insurance as required by applicable law. 

    B. Comprehensive General and Automotive Liability Insurance with minimum limits of a. $100,000 each person and $300,000 each occurrence for bodily injury and         $100,000 for each occurrence for property damage or a minimum combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage of $500,000 per occurrence. 

    C. Garage Keeper's Legal Liability Insurance (including, but not limited to, "On-Hook" a. Liability Insurance) with a minimum limit of $50,000 and any additional         coverage or limits as may be required by applicable law. 

    D. Any additional coverage or limits as may be required by applicable law. ISP shall provide RA a certificate of insurance evidencing ISP's compliance with these         insurance requirements. 

Road America must have on file at all times, a copy of your current certificate of insurance. Please ask your insurance agent to list Brickell Financial Services-Motor Club, Inc dba Road America as certificate holder, and send certificate via fax to 877-324-8916 to mail  to the following address:

Road America Motor Club

Attn: Provider Relations Department 

7300 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 601 

Miami, FL 33126 

Download Sample COI

Road America believes our Service Providers represent an elite group of the finest road service and towing companies. Road America has set performance, appearance, and operations. Standards that all providers will need to consider prior to entering Road America contractual agreement and maintain throughout its partnership with Road America. Road America monitors these standards through customer feedback, internal performance reports, and Network Manager site visits. 

I. Performance Standards: 

- Accept a minimum of 90% of calls offered in the zip codes that you have agreed to cover. 

- Maintain a ratio of complaints to accepted calls of less than 1% 

- Maintain an average ETA of 45 minutes under normal conditions, 30 minutes for accident services. 

- Maintain a 90% rate on all actual time of arrival (ATA) within zip codes listed in your coverage area. 

- Maintain a ratio of damages to accepted calls of less than 1%. 

II. Appearance Standards: 

- Drivers maintain a clean and neat uniformed appearance. 

- Trucks maintained in a clean, safe and properly equipped manner, displaying your company name. 

III. Operations Standards: 

- Employ properly trained personnel either through a formal in-house or industry recognized training program. 

- Driving and criminal background checks as well as drug screening is required for all employees.

- 24/7 operations 

- Refrain from requesting or accepting physical assistance from customers when providing services. 

IV. Dispatch Standards 

- Receive services electronically through a Digital Dispatch platform 

Download Digital Dispatch Flyer 

PROVIDER RELATIONS DEPARTMENT (Area Managers & Regional Account Managers) 

1-888-293-6672 Option 2 

For matters related to: 

- Existing Service Agreement 

- Coverage Area 

- Account Updates 

- Rates 

- Performance 

- Digital Dispatch


- ACH/Direct Deposit

PROVIDER PAYABLES DEPARTMENT (Account Payables Representatives) 


For matter related to: 

- Payment (status, adjustments, etc) 

- Invoicing (online billing, procedures, etc) 

RECRUITMENT DEPARTMENT (Recruiters & Support Specialist) 

1-800-442-4690 Option 1 ext. 4240 

For matters related to: 

- Applications 

- Insurance Certificates 

- W-9 Forms 

- Repair Facility Network 

Download Provider Network Contact Information

Multiple convenient features and tasks that can be performed fast through the Road America Provider Portal:

- Invoicing 

- Verify Payment Status 

- Account Updates 

- Performance Tracking 

- Access Helpful Links/Manual 

If you have forgotten your User ID, you will need to re-register your account. If you have forgotten your password please click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link in the Login Page, which for security purposes will require the following information: 

Provider Number 

Zip Code 

Login ID 

New Password

Confirm Your New Password 

If unable to reset your password, please click on the "Having Difficulty Resetting Your Password?" link. 

Methods of Payment 

- ACH/Electronic Funds Transfer: ACH will expedite your payment process. Contact your Network Support Team or submit your request through the web portal to enroll in ACH   Payments. Download ACH Form 

Check sent by U.S. Mail: 

Payments sent by U.S. mail will delay your payment process

Mailing Address

Road America Motor Club 

Att: Provider Payables Departments 

P.O. Box 528024

Miami, FL 33126 

Automation is the key to success, mo matter what size your business is. Road America recognizes this important trend and is now providing even more practical solutions for all size companies to receive services through Digital Dispatch. 


Connect with us through apps available free of charge to ALL Road America Service Providers.

Connect with Road America digitally through an interphase with: 

    - Beacon Software 

    - TowBook

    - TOPS TowXchange 

    - Ranger 

    - Tracker 

    - In Tow 

    - And more! 

Get set up today to join the ranks of providers who are automatically selected first by Road America's Digital Dispatch system. That's potentially hundreds more service calls a year that can enhance your income.

- Higher system generated dispatch priority over non-Digital Dispatch enabled providers 

- Reduced dispatch staffing time 

- Real Time ETAs and ATAs updates 

- Real Time fleet visibility through GPS tracking 

- Accurate, updated paperless service information 

- Competitive edge over non-digital dispatch providers 

- Improve customer experience resulting in higher performance and more favorable reviews and rating! 

Effective communication and interaction with our Service Partners is vital and we must ensure that we have the right email address to communicate with owner/s and key members of each team.  For that reason, we encourage everyone to provide us with updated email addresses for different personnel in your management, billing, & dispatching teams.
Reasons why we may contact you via email:
- Opportunities In Your Area/ New Account Lunches
- Dispatching
- Service Updates
- Announcements
- Trade Shows Invitations & Passes
- Account Issues
- Etc.
To provide additional contact email information, please send an email address, contact name, position, and the department to or submit a request through our portal at

Our messages are probably being routed to your Spam Folder. 
Yahoo Mail uses complex filters to determine if specific emails are legitimate emails or if it should treat them as junk mail and send them to the spam folder. 
Every email is scanned, and Spam Guard, an automated filtering system, makes the decision. In some cases, this decision is wrong, and important emails might end up in the Spam folder. 
To prevent future emails from the same sender from going to the Spam folder automatically, you need to mark the email as "Not Spam." 
1. Navigate to Yahoo Mail, log in to your Yahoo account and click the "Spam" folder. Junk emails are stored in this folder. 
2. Click the email that was wrongfully treated as junk mail to open it. 
3. Click the "Not Spam" button in the toolbox to immediately send the email to the Inbox folder. Emails from the same sender will not be treated as junk mail anymore and will be sent to the Inbox folder.
• To protect you, images are not displayed in emails that are in the Spam folder; this behavior can be changed from the Mail Settings page. 
• If you have a separate email account, please report it to us so we can update it in our system. You may contact your Regional Account Manager directly or email us at to provide an alternate email address. 

Your privacy is important to Road America and in order to protect your information, all sessions will be handled securely through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when you login.

If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, our Privacy Practices, or your dealings with us, please contact us by writing to: 

Road America 

7300 Corporate Center Drive Ste. 601 

Miami, FL 33126 

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