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Where High-Tech Meets Human Connection

We’ve been there on the road with drivers over millions of miles and counting. Along the way, we have been at the forefront of new technologies, and have implemented a number of leading‐edge solutions that are paving the way for smoother roads ahead and happier, safer drivers wherever their destinations may take them.

Technology is providing us the tools and the flexibility to offer more convenience, transparency and efficiencies to Customers, Clients and Providers. Our tools allows for:

  1. Simple, intuitive end‐to‐end digital solutions for requesting services, tracking progress, getting real‐time updates, changing service details, providing feedback regarding services received, etc.
  2. Instant communication with a qualified representative that can “short cut” the time needed to find a solution, or bring trained, level‐headed thinking to emergency situations an app can’t answer.
  3. Full transparency for Clients ‐ from billing to complaints to real‐time dashboards and analysis (ETAs, ATAS, NPS, etc.). They’re also looking for the added value and satisfaction of knowing their customers are in expert hands that positively reflect their brands with every interaction.

Our goal is to be able to offer a Fully Automated Roadside Assistance System combined with the availability of very experienced agents whenever required. To us, technology is the tool, but it’s experienced people who make a difference when it comes to meeting, exceeding and, anticipating drivers’ needs.



  • Service Request: Omni‐Channel Service Request methodology includes Automated Call, Text, B call/telematics, client integration and web portal. With such a rapid rate of change in today’s technological landscape Road America continuously pursues advancement in areas such as artificial intelligence to provide new innovative channels of communications with our clients. Artificial interactive agents and systems that use machine learning to provide faster responses are just a part of the Omni‐Channel enhancements on the horizon.
  • Get Location: The system automatically validates the information provided (including GPS location of the breakdown), the terms and conditions of the policy and the type of service required with minimum customer interaction. So whether the customer contacts us through our Digital Platform.
  • Dispatch Notification: Dispatch notification and keep customer informed through channel of choice (text, app, voice, Drive On Trax Web Portal).
  • Real Time Tracking: Customer can follow‐up proactively via Drive On Trax Web Portal and Administration Google Map based ETA adherence Monitor utilizing GPS location, local traffic patterns and Road America’s predictive historical event data.
    • Road America currently utilizes our Smart DD program to provide real‐time tracking capabilities to the customer via Drive On Trax.
    • The increase in dispatched vehicle’s GPS updates, integration with Google and Real time traffic information allows our system to predict delays and prompt the Monitoring team to take immediate action.
    • This technology allows us to make sure we are on top of every case and take action if any complication may arise. Our Escalation team is in charge of monitoring this 24 hours.
  • Automated Dispatch Confirmation and Customer Satisfaction Survey: Road America’s “close the loop” technology provides a Multi‐Channel solution via phone, text, email, social media or live through our portal. The customer is able to participate in an automated survey to rate the overall service experienced as part of the Automated Dispatch Confirmation process.
  • Opt into Transparency: Real‐Time job management, online geolocation and monitoring of live cases from dispatch to final disposition, historical info of cases integrated with CRM. KPI and reporting, video and additional info in data stored, invoicing and payment processes. Interactive Dashboard tool that will display roadside service analytics, KPI’s, and metrics using data visualization.
    • This dashboard consolidates and enhances the data, empowering the client with the ability to view up‐to‐date data, request a new service for their customers, review customer satisfaction, etc.

Algorithms and technology are great for selecting a provider during a moment of service, but its person‐to‐person loyalty between Road America and our Service Providers that strengthens the entire network.

We take pride in offering both personal service and technology solutions so everyone in our Network feels valued, important, and certain of their futures with Road America. This in turn inspires them to give more than expected and take the lead on safety, training, and more.

  • Tow Providers Request Activation: Solicit tow providers to sign up on RAPID Web Portal and Digital request activation & install app. Providers set their rates on activation.
  • GPS Location: Monitor GPS location and availability of service vehicles closest to the break down location as well as a provider Web App that allows us to dispatch to visible/available wreckers.
  • Digital Dispatch: to tow truck selected, notification of non‐acceptance to the rest of the Providers who responded and Providers can be dispatched by an IVR (Automated Call).
  • Service Completion: Real‐time monitoring, escalation when needed and Q&A with additional info (video and photos of the accident).
  • Payments to Providers: Services are system audited with a 90% auto approval rate and invoices can be submitted through web portal.
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