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Peace of Mind… One Piece at a Time

While we are often most recognized for our work in Roadside Assistance, we at Road America like to think of ourselves as specialists in the peace-of-mind business. It may be that your clients, customers, or members need help in an emergency. It may even be that they just need a trusted resource to help them make an informed decision about a repair with their vehicle. In all of these scenarios and others like them, Road America has answers.


There’s a reason why hundreds of insurers, automotive brands, financial companies, and other organizations have trusted Road America for more than 40 years when it comes to roadside assistance - we’ve proven we’re the kind of provider that can be counted on to solve problems and get drivers safely back on the road again.

When vehicles are left undrivable following an accident, motorists aren’t the only ones that can end up stranded. Making sure vehicles get to the proper evaluation and repair facilities in a timely manner is the core benefit of Road America’s Collision Services, which includes primary and secondary towing and functions independently of our roadside assistance calls to ensure optimum speed and response for all situations.

Road America appreciates that vehicles and drivers need support on the road as well as off. We’ve planned for when your customer’s car doesn’t start one morning, when their A/C stops cooling, and when it has other issues that impact easy, worry-free driving by providing professional guidance, support, and discounts on auto repairs and other vehicle service events. We even offer mechanical advice over the phone so drivers can attempt simple troubleshooting and/or be prepared to discuss their issue with a certified mechanic nearby.

What does a lack of transportation mean for your customer? What plans might they miss out on? What else is going on their lives that you can solve? You might not be able to predict every challenge your customers face, but you can always know who to turn to for answers - Road America. Because of our strong insurance-industry backing, we’re able to provide travel benefits and home lockout services that make any person feel fully supported.

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Enjoy the full experience of your ride. Take advantage of the many benefits of enrolling in roadside assistance from a community of people that share common interests, goals and needs for services.

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