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Collision Assistance


In addition to towing and other services provided as part of a disablement or breakdown event, Road America also offers turnkey solutions for vehicles involved in accidents. This includes Collision Towing for accidents that can be routed directly to a repair facility for immediate attention. It also includes Secondary Towing services which transport the accident vehicle from the scene of the collision to temporary holding facilities (such as insurance offices for complete review by an adjuster) and then to the auto shop designated to perform the repairs. This reduces both administrative and overall transportation costs and also provides your customers and members the benefit of an expedited time frame for the return of their vehicles.

The Road American Program

Our Collision and Secondary Towing service is designed as a partnership with our clients in which we will secure the release of the vehicle and arrange for its pick-up and transport to the location designated. We will work with your current DRP locations to ensure that the vehicle is delivered safely and promptly. This process is administered by a dedicated Secondary Tow team and is executed by our professional, licensed, insured and contracted Service Provider Network. Other benefits include:

  • Savings: minimized storage fees, payout fees, transport cost, rental reimbursement, administrative expenses – PLUS quick payment and release of the vehicle.
  • Dedication: a single-purpose team to secure the release of the vehicle while working with the insured.
  • Guarantee: delivery of the vehicle within a two-hour window after it has been released.
  • Speed: reduced cycle time, which means the insured has their vehicle back faster – increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Reliability: towing provided by a contracted, performance-rated and insured network of trained professionals nationwide.
    • Accuracy: seamless service and administration with accurate, timely reporting.
    • Transparency: Real-time system updates allow the client to monitor the process from start to finish.

Powered by Road America’s Next-Level Innovation

Behind each of our service categories is a set of powerful technology tools and unmatched human experience, ensuring that your customers and members receive excellent care now and in the future.

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