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Vehicle Services


Road America specializes in making drivers feel secure even when it is not an emergency situation thanks to a full suite of vehicle-related services as well as custom options to suit your organization’s distinctive needs.


  • Repair Assist

    Getting a disabled vehicle to the repair facility is often only the first step. The added value of Repair Assist provides members with personalized access to Repair Advocate Specialists—ASE-certified mechanics who know exactly how service centers work and what to look out for when the vehicle is on the lift. These specialists will speak directly with the service repair facility representative to help ensure that:

    • The vehicle being properly diagnosed for necessary repairs.
    • The repair facility’s estimated repair cost is on par with the average cost in the area.
    • The vehicle is at the best-possible facility for the nature of the repair.
  • Repair Assist Plus

    In addition to having access to an ASE certified mechanic through the repair assist product, members will benefit from having access to a program that provides a 20% discount on vehicle repairs.

  • Battery and Tire Replacement

    Why send a tow truck when all that’s necessary is a simple fix? Designed to protect customers in the event of a tire/battery disablement, this service dispatches a vendor to deliver and install a tire/battery at nationally discounted rates.

  • Continuation of Journey Benefits

    Making sure drivers reach their intended situation is part of the Road America experience thanks to coverage that extends to car rentals, hotel stays, trip cancellation, and reimbursement of certain related expenses.

Road America makes these benefits available through a motor club administration structure, across all service sectors, including filing and approval in all 26 states that regulate such memberships and services. Our clients are granted access to these services and may offer them to their customers without any additional filings or approvals being required.

As well, programs can be designed for autos, motorcycles, RVs, boat trailers, horse trailers, sport trailers, fleet vehicles, or medium and heavy-duty vehicle coverage.  Road America also offers comprehensive roadside assistance programs for Fleet Service companies.

For program and pricing details please contact our Marketing & Sales Department at 1-800-442-4690 or

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Behind each of our service categories is a set of powerful technology tools and unmatched human experience, ensuring that your customers and members receive excellent care now and in the future.

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